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Dog Trainers in Mebane, NC

Triangle Dog Trainer is run by Peggy Davis, a professional dog trainer based in Mebane, NC since 1978. I offer personalized, private dog training classes for all breeds and all ages—as young as seven weeks—working on behavior issues such as barking, jumping, chewing, anxieties, aggression and more. I also provide dog selection services, offering consultations to help you make the right choice of mixed breed or purebred for you and your family. With over 30,000 dogs trained, I’m confident that my dog training service will get you real results, fast!

I’ve been a practicing professional dog trainer in Mebane, NC since 1978.

Obedience Lessons for Dogs

Obedience Lessons for DogsDoes your dog have anxious tendencies like chewing or barking? Problems keeping their paws on the ground when greeting people? Aggression related to food or toys? These habits can be frustrating, but they’re not impossible to overcome! Let me show you the power of in-home obedience lessons for dogs, so you can experience the transformative change in your dog’s behavior that thousands of other Mebane, Miles, Woodlawn, and Hawfields, NC owners have seen!

Hi, my name is Peggy Davis, and I’ve been a dog trainer since I was a kid. My love of dogs blossomed at four years old with my first dog—a rescued white boxer named Soda. By the time I was seven I could name every breed! Growing up, we had a total of 30 dogs and 27 cats in my house—we basically ran our own rescue shelter! The difference is, when they came to live with us, they were permanent family members. From the get-go, I was obsessed with teaching them.

Flash forward to my adult life and that love of teaching dogs hasn’t faded. In fact, it’s only grown stronger! It’s why, after exploring careers in veterinary medicine and correctional science, I landed on dog trainers. My career has been richly rewarding and I’ve had numerous amazing opportunities to do what I love—from training dogs in Hollywood to raising German Shepherds for police work. Today, I’m content giving obedience lessons for dogs in Mebane, NC and I love working with dogs and their owners to teach them good habits and to overcome bad ones.

With more than 40 years of experience with dog and puppy trainers, I’m confident I can help you and your dog. My approach is effective and my clients tell me they see improvements immediately! No matter the dog, no matter the temperament, I’m excited to work with them. Contact us today to get started.

About Peggy

Puppy TrainersI started training dogs at the age of four. My first memory of training dogs was with a white boxer that my father saved from being put to sleep because of her color. Soda was her name, and she was my best friend.

During my childhood, we had a total of 30 dogs and 27 cats. We basically ran our own rescue shelter, but when they came to live with us, they were permanent family members. I was always obsessed with teaching them. There were real commands and ones I made up so my dog would only listen to me.

By the age of 7, I knew every breed of dog, what they were raised for, and what their personalities were like.

I wanted to be a veterinarian and worked towards that goal until I was actually working as a vet tech waiting to go to vet school. I loved the work, but hated the negative aspects such as putting a dog to sleep or helping the veterinarian with surgery. Basically, I couldn’t stand to see them suffer… I loved them too much!

I majored in correctional science in college to work with troubled kids and found very rewarding work in that field but I discovered that the system is corrupt and I couldn’t change it, so again I was very disappointed.

It was then in 1978 that I heard about a school for dog and puppy trainers and I got very excited. I enrolled in the school and lived there as I learned about all the different aspects of being a dog trainer. We raised German Shepherds for police work, we did in-kennel training, we did group classes, we did a lot of written work and I was in Heaven. I graduated 98% and above and continue to love this work where I’m able to help so many people and their dogs.

My approach is effective and my clients tell me they see improvement immediately.

I have done therapy dog work, basic and advanced obedience, problem-solving and protection training.

In California, I had the pleasure of working with a lot of famous people and their dogs.

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  • My focus spans behavior issues such as barking, jumping, chewing, anxieties, aggression.
  • I train both adult dogs, as well as puppies as young as seven weeks old!
  • Over the years, I’ve trained more than 30,000 dogs, across all different breeds!
  • I only train dogs one-on-one, to ensure they’re getting appropriate attention.

One-on-One Private Dog Training Classes

I give your dog the attention they need, in a familiar environment, to help train them on good behaviors and to break bad habits—all through proven positive reinforcement methods.

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Dog Trainers
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